7.5" C-Worm 9 pk (Chawawa Worm)

$ 5.49

The CHAWAWA family (C-WORM) comes in 3 different sizes. 4.5", 6" & 7.5". The C-WORM is a full round worm with a thicker upper body and egg sac to hold your hook in place. The body tappers downward from the egg sac to the "bulb" tail. This bulb tail design adds extra weight to the tip of the tail. With the slightest movement of the C-WORM, the action from the bulb tail is exaggerated and it drives bass crazy. This action simulates the movement made by a live night crawler or eel.

The C-Worms are heavily scented with the "JUICE" garlic scent which is specially formulated for RAZOR BAITS by JB's Fish Sauce of Minnetonka, MN.

"CANDY BUG and RED BUG colors are bleeding colors. This means that if you store a Candy Bug or Red Bug colored bait with any other colored bait, where the Candy Bug or Red Bug colored bait touches the other bait, the Candy Bug or Red Bug colored bait will cause the other colored bait to discolor with a reddish transfer.

The 7.5" C-Worm comes packaged 9 baits to a bag for $5.49.

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