5.5" Dart 8pk RAZOR BAITS Custom Designed

$ 5.49

The DART was designed by RAZOR BAITS founder/owner Jim Lanza in the middle of 2015. The DART is 5.5" long "JERK" style bait with a round body with wide rings for more vibration. The body has a tapper on the belly side, from the head back half way towards the tail to help protect the hook bend from fouling on vegetation. The tapper also forms a belly hook slot and there is a top hook slot to allow for easy hook set.

The DART can be fished numerous ways including with a worm weight, a hook/belly weight or weightless, using a 4/0 or 5/0 screw loc hook or an off set shank hook.  It can be twitched, swam or dead sticked.

The DART is highly scented with our specially formulated "JUICE" garlic scent manufactured exclusively for RAZOR BAITS by JB's Fish Sauce of Minnetonka, MN.

*CANDY BUG and RED BUG colors are bleeding colors. This means that if you store a Candy Bug or Red Bug colored bait with any other colored bait, where the Candy Bug or Red Bug colored bait touches the other bait, the Candy Bug or Red Bug colored bait will cause the other colored bait to discolor with a reddish transfer.

The Dart comes packaged 8 baits to a bag for $5.49.

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