5" Mud Slinger 5 pk RAZOR BAITS Custom Design

$ 5.49

The Mud Slinger was designed by RAZOR BAITS founder/owner Jim Lanza in early 2014. It has an overall measures that is 5" long and is 15/16" tall and 1/2" wide. There is a 1 3/8" long, 3/16" deep hook slot on the belly and on the back and can easily handle a 6/0 wide gap hook. The body has 1/16" wide, 1/16" deep rings, evenly spaced 3/16" apart running from just rear of the nose all the way to the tapered unison of the tail. These rings trap air and causes a lot of vibration in the water to attract fish. The body tapers down to the tail unison to give it a bait fish type silhouette. Just rear of the belly hook slot is a 3/16" deep by 3/16" wide channel that runs down both sides from top to bottom and around the belly. This we refer to as a "hinge", which gives the Mud Slinger a "hip" wiggling type motion. The paddle tail is a 15/16" wide circle that is 1/8" thick and because of the tapered section just forward of the paddle tail, it has a very aggressive and erratic action.

The Mud Slinger is a swim bait and can be fished any way you want. It can be ran across the surface, as a wake bait, steady retrieve, twitching motion, stop and go or dead sticking. Which ever way you choose, hang on because the strikes are aggressive. Hooking recommendations is with either a screw lock, off set or Texas rigged in 5/0 or 6/0. It can be fished unweighted or weighted with a worm weight or a belly weight.

The  Mud Slinger is heavily scented with the "JUICE" garlic scent which is specially formulated for RAZOR BAITS by JB's Fish Sauce of Minnetonka, MN

*CANDY BUG and RED BUG are bleeding colors. This means that if you store a Candy Bug or Red Bug colored baits with any other colored bait, where the Candy Bug or Red Bug colored bait touches the other baits, the Candy Bug or Red Bug colored bait will cause the other colored baits to discolor with a reddish transfer.

The Mud Slinger comes packaged 5 baits to a bag for $5.49.

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