5.5" Freak 5pk

$ 5.49

The Freak is a long bodied bait with a fat enough body to handle a 5/0 or a 6/0 wide gap hook. The primary intent for this bait is for flipping but it can be used in any method that you choose. The long double tail is thin and narrow and has a lot of erratic action with the slightest movement of the bait.

The Freak is heavily scented with the "JUICE" garlic scent which is specially formulated for RAZOR BAITS by Upper Hand Scents, Beaver Dam, Wi.

5 baits to a bag for $5.49

*RED BUG and PLUM BUG colors are bleeding colors. This means that if you store a Red Bug or Plum Bug colored bait with any other colored bait, where the Red Bug or Plum Bug colored bait touches the other bait, the Red Bug or Plum Bug colored bait will cause the other colored bait to discolor with a reddish transfer.

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